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Crucial Crew - King's Lynn Fire Station - 2nd May

Once we arrived we were told that we would be taking part in a range of activities. They were going to teach us how to look after our mind and our body. These were the activities:

  1. Kerplunk – this taught us about being a young criminal and the choices in life we have to face. We won points for answering the questions carefully.
  2. CPR – we learnt how to put each other into the recovery position.
  3. Coastguard – staying safe on the beach and the different codes for life guards around beach areas. We now know that the coastguard is the 4th emergency service and you need to ring 999.
  4. Internet Safety from the Police – We watched a video about not ‘sexting’ one another and that we could find ourselves in trouble with the Police if we passed on images of other children.
  5. Emergency First Aid Kit – what we would need if we were evacuated to an emergency shelter.
  6. Fire Emergency – and how to stay staff and not over fill plug sockets within our bedrooms. Most importantly, not to put our phones under the pillows when we sleep.
  7. Smoking and Drug Dangers – did you know there are 4000 chemicals in each cigarette?
  8. Defibrillators – how to use them and what to do if we see someone who is not breathing and unresponsive.

We learnt some valuable lessons today and hope that we will never need to use some of them.

By Emily and Tiger-Lily (Year 6 - Wormegay CofE Primary)