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Anglia Water - KS2 Visit at Runcton Holme - Tuesday 17th September

On Tuesday, class two spent a day with Rachael from Anglia Water, who came to school to talk to the class about the work of Anglian Water. We learnt all about the natural water cycle and how it is essential to all life on Earth as well as how easily it is disrupted by the actions of humans. We used our senses (sight, smell and taste) to check to make sure that it is safe to drink.

She talked to us about how to save water and how important it is to do this. We carried out an investigation to find out just how small an amount of water is needed to clean some dirty, paint filled cups. We had to work very carefully as a group to make sure that our instructions were clear and accurate so that each washer-upper could follow them easily. We found out that the cups could be cleaned very well, using just over half a cup of water.

In the afternoon, we learnt about how our dirty water is taken away and cleaned, before being put back into the environment. We also learnt that some substances including cooking oil and fat from food as well as wet wipes are really bad things to put into the sewer system because they block the pipes.

We finished the day by making our own sewerage, by adding different common substances to clean water. We learnt that it is ok to put things into the sewerage system if they can be diluted by the water, disintegrated or dissolved. Anything else is harmful to the system.

Ms Davison - Class Teacher