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Anglia Water - KS2 Visit at Wormegay - Wednesday 18th September

We have had such an amazing day today! We had a visitor from Anglian Water Education Centre and I must say we have all learnt so much about the ‘bits and bobs’ that get flushed down our toilets and drains when we visit loo!

As part of out ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’ topic we have been learning about the Water Cycle, Drainage and how to and why we should save as much water as we can. Most of the children in the class were amazed to find out that the amount of water we currently have in our world, is the amount of water there has ever been! Something that gave us food for thought when we discussed the uses of the water throughout the centuries.

During the afternoon we learnt about substances that should and should not be flushed down the toilet or put into the drains in our sinks.

The children created ‘Sewerage Soup’. As you can see from the pictures the precaution on their faces shows you how engrossed they were with the activity. They have all learnt that if you are about to flush or put an object down a drain it needs to meet the ‘D Test’. Is the item Dissolvable, will it Disintegrate or will it Dilute.

The children were also flabagasted to realise that if their family home was responsible for blocking pipes a fine of beyond £1000 would be applied to the family responsible. As a result of this, the children made pledges, saying how and what they would do to help reduce the amount of water they use and the steps they would encourage their family to take to think about what is put down the drain.

Mrs Cole - Class Teacher