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Benjamin and Bethany - Road Safety Talk at Runcton Holme - Wednesday 18th September

On Wednesday 18th September we had two special guests come into our school to talk about Road Safety. Their names were Bethany and Benjamin and guess what, they were two very clever bears. 

They talked to the children of class 1 about how to keep safe when walking, riding a bike and riding in a car. Bethany and Benjamin told the children, never to run in the road and always stay on the path. Make sure when in the dark to wear something that will shine, when car lights shine on you and always wear your bike helmet to protect you from serious injuries. The children were all very good at answering the questions asked. 

Then Bethany and Benjamin asked the children if they wore a seat belt in the car. I'm very impressed to tell you all the children put their hands up. There were questions like "do you sit in the front of the car with no seat belt on?", "should the person driving the car start to move before your belt is done up?". The children all agreed everyone needs to have a seat belt on to keep them safe, even on a short journey. 
"All children should be safe in a vehicle with proper fitted seats and boosters when needed according to the height of the child" said both bears. 

The bears showed the children pictures of themselves sitting in a car with belts on and when they were walking with their Hi-Viz vests on.

Best of all class 1 all had a cuddle with Bethany and Benjamin and all received a certificate.

Well done class 1.

Mrs Stoke - Teaching Assistant