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DIMS - Road Safety Talk at Runcton Holme - Wednesday 18th September

On Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Leigh from Norfolk Road Safety, came and spoke to Class 2 about the importance of keeping safe when travelling in the car.

The session began with a bit of a fun and interactive talk about using a catapult to break down a castle. Using a model catapult the children had to think what objects would have the most impact on breaking down walls. The children were encouraged to think about words that demonstrated this, for example, energy, force and gravity.

Mrs Leigh then asked the children to think about these words and apply them for when they are travelling in a car, and to link them in with the importance of wearing a seat-belt. We discussed how important seat-belts are and the necessity of wearing them for even a short journey, the implications of not wearing them and including the breaking of the law.

Using a model car and some puppet dummies, we then saw how important seat-belts are with a demonstration of the car hitting a barrier and the impact this had on the occupants. This was demonstrated with the dummies not wearing seat-belts and then again safely with the dummies using seat-belts.

To finish the session we had a group discussion about safety in the car, the use of airbags, the height needed for a child to be able to sit safely as a front seat passenger and then the height requirement for still using a booster seat.

It was a really informative afternoon and Class 2 really got involved with discussions and understanding the consequences of certain actions. I feel they will all be more aware when travelling in a car now. 

Mrs Brant - Teaching Assistant