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East Anglian Children Hospice Visit - Thursday 19th September (Written By Ellie Eagle)

East Anglian Children’s Hospice
On the 19th September I visited the Nook. The Nook is a place where poorly children can stay or they can spend the rest of their life there.

When I first walked into the Hospice I was shocked on how beautiful and spacious it was. There were two floors. The top floor was all offices and the first floor is all the bedrooms, play room, pool, sitting area, music room, teenager room, sensory room, reflection and quiet room and last but not least the family bedroom.

The Holy Cross Federation managed to raise 400 pounds for the Nook and that money went towards the play room.

The play room.
The play room had a safe walling surrounding the edges and a little room that you can crawl into. The walling was colourful all bright colours. The little room had mirrors as the wall it made it look big like you could 1,000 miles but you can’t.

The music room.
Next up we have the music room. The music room had lots of instruments of all sorts. The room was sound proofed so from the outside you couldn’t hear a thing even if you were drumming really loud or singing really loud the people outside probably wouldn’t suspect a thing that you are in there.

The pool.
The pool was a quiet room but also calming and under the water on the side of the pool it had disco lights changing from whatever colour you would like to a different colour. All around the ceiling it had a hoist for the children who probably are very wobbly on their feet or can’t walk at all.

The sensory room.   
The sensory was quiet and calming. When you walked into the room there were some tiles on the floor and when you stepped on the tiles piano noises would come out of it. On the walls there was a projector and it was projecting pictures on the wall and on the ceiling there was a disco ball and there were some really thin lights that hung down from the ceiling and changed colour. There was a water bed that you could lay on and relax.

Reflection and quiet room.
The reflection and quiet room was quiet room where you can think about things and it was colourful.

Teenager room.
The teenager room had a big TV were you could watch movies and do all the things that teenagers do.

 Family bedroom.
The family bedroom had its own kitchen but it didn’t have an oven it only had a fridge, toaster and microwave. Because it only has a fridge, microwave and a toaster all the food gets done for you. The family room ha d a medium sized sitting area with a TV. Three bedrooms with TVs and one bathroom.Children’s bedrooms.
The children’s bedrooms had one bathroom per room and different sized beds for different people. The blinds were in the windows so if you had germs you wouldn’t be able to spread them around and make other children more poorly.

Ellie Eagle - Pupil (Year 6)