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East Anglian Children Hospice Visit - Thursday 19th September (Written By Poppy Catton)

When I went to The Nook, the first thing we did was have some biscuits and a drink. Next we put hand sanitiser on, the first room we went in was the hydrotherapy room where they had a swimming pool with a speaker and disco flashing lights. This room was one of my favourite rooms. 

The next room we went in was the room that had a few sofas in, it had a television and a table with painting equipment. It also had a little room with a side open and shut door, it was a sound proof room so you could talk about serious things if you needed to. 

We went into the sensory room, this had a disco floor that made music, there was a hot water bed that was so comfy and it had glowing tubes with water that bubbled and changed colours. 

Then we went in the soft play room that had all soft play equipment, this room was safe for children that have fits. There were little wooden toys that had twisty and musical things to fiddle with.

The music room had lots of instruments and this had a special sealing that absorbed the noise. 

We went into the teenagers room which had an xbox and I think it had a television. They are putting more equipment in the teenagers room. 

We walked down the bedroom corridor, the man showed us some different beds. They had special beds for safety of the people that had fits in their sleep and beds for people that fall out of bed. We went in the family suite, they had a kitchen for making snacks in. 

Finally we went into the religious room where the children go that are religious. 

This trip inspired me to work in a children hospice when I'm older.

Princess Kate will open the The Nook on Friday 15th November 2019.

Poppy Catton - Year 5 (Runcton Holme)