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OMNES Games (KS2) - Handball - Friday 4th October

I joined 8 children from Wormegay and 8 from Runcton Holme for an afternoon of handball. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t, but now I am a fan.

Handball is played on a netball size court. A team comprise 5 players: a goalkeeper and 4 others who have no fixed position. The aim is to score a goal by throwing the ball into a soccer net. Players throw the ball but must pass within 3 seconds. The player with the ball can pass, shoot or dribble(take 3 steps before passing.)

In the first game, Wormegay immediately displayed good passing and defending skills, playing well as a team. Runcton showed good skills but lacked determination and played as individuals rather than a team.

However, they soon understood what was needed, and by game two, the pace increased. It was thrilling to see the awareness of space, creating opportunities to receive the ball while passing quickly and accurately.

The smiles increased, as did the goals, and every child improved. It was very difficult to select player of the match, there were many candidates. Finally, Finley and Connor, from Runcton, were given that joint award for their sheer hard work, fearless goalkeeping and finding all the spaces in the opposition’s defence, while Sam, from Wormegay, was chosen for being everywhere on the court and using the angles to score some scorching goals.

Our teams played 9 games and won the majority with a large number of goals.

Thank you to Miss Thorne and Mrs Lee for taking the teams and to those 16 heroes who learnt a vital life skill: how to work successfully in a team.

Ruth Flint - Volunteer