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Norfolk School Games Virtual Competition - Tri-Golf - November 2020

During our PE sessions towards the end of this term, we completed the Norfolk Games Virtual Tri-Golf competition.

Both schools had five challenges to complete:
* Dominoes
* Grand National
* Tunnel Ball
* Zone Ball
* Go for the Green

In the same way as Cross country, each pupils’ score for each challenge was calculated on the points they had achieved. Scores were then averaged and submitted. Each challenge had three levels, with a maximum of ten points for each hit. Within their individual teams, the children worked hard with determination and some showing good sportsmanship.

At this time of the year we had quite a few of the elements to battle with; wind, rain and on one afternoon quite cold temperatures! At Wormegay the pupils had to divert to the playground on one afternoon as many molehills had disrupted the golf green! All pupils showed resilience and participated to their best abilities. Sports Captains from both schools were of great help in the setting up of each challenge, and helping run the competition.

Check out the Norfolk Schools Games Leaderboard:

Mrs Brant (Teaching Assistant)