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Curriculum Vision

Our vision is to equip our learners with the knowledge and skills they need, enabling them to aspire to all they achieve, within their lives and their community, in a way that demonstrates respect for themselves, their family, their friends, their community and the world within which they live.

Being a church school is important to us and Christian values underpin all that we do within both our learning and play.  Being a caring, inclusive family, that believes in creativity and challenge in our learning whilst being inspiring and respectful to others is of high importance to all at our schools.  We are learning together for life.

We have developed a wider curriculum based upon what we believe will ensure our children have knowledge and skills for the future.  A global learning curriculum; rich in knowledge of the many different aspects of world around them and the skills that they will need to lead a full and active life within that world.

The areas of learnings are based upon the Global Goals, derived from ‘The World’s Largest Lesson’.  This is based on the working of Project Everyone and Unicef, where they are working towards sustainable development for the world. 

The schools follow a two year rolling programme covering all of these goals within two years, all classes follow learning based upon one Global Goal.  As the children move through the school they will revisit the Goal, but learning is at different levels.  Learning is broken down into three phases to ensure progression regarding the knowledge and skills being learnt.

Phase One learning is associated with the children establishing a secure sense of themselves.

Phase Two learning is associated with the children engaging with others and learning about others - the surrounding community and UK.

Phase Three learning is associated with developing a global competency – aware of their society and the world.

Alongside the knowledge development, we are working with skillsbuilder to develop the following skills in our children:

Each half term the school will focus upon one of these skills, the teachers will incorporate these skills into the learning for the half term.  Certificates will be given where the children have shown these skills.  These will be celebrated in assembly.

Where possible English and Maths learning will encompass aspects of the global learning goal being covered at that time.  The following subjects are taught outside of the Global Learning curriculum: PE, Computing, PSHE/SRE, MFL and RE.  At times it may also be necessary for Science to be taught discreetly.

Parental Communication
Each half term an overview of the learning being covered will be shared with parents, these will cover key facts, questions, vocabulary and learning that the school will cover within that goal.  It will also share learning that is happening in other subject areas, any key information regarding the class, and suggestions of home learning activities.

Celebration Assembly will continue on a termly basis, and learning regarding the wider curriculum will be shared at these.

Home Learning
Home learning is changing, there is so much that children can learn from spending time with their parents, from others, and from taking part in wider community activities that there will be limited formal home learning set.  This will mainly be in the form of Reading, Spellings, Phonic/ Word cards and short Maths activities.  In preparation for Yr6 SATs there will be weekly homework set.  The teachers will share ideas for Home Learning activities that could be done at home to support learning about the Global Goal, and these will be celebrated in school should your child bring them in.

Whilst children are within the EYFS, teachers plan from the Development Matters framework. 

Core subjects are planned for on a long term, medium and weekly basis. See below for the long term plans.

If you wish to find out more about the curriculum the school is following please see the medium term plans which can be found on the class pages or speak to the class teacher.