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Following a period of historically poor Mathematics results, we have taken measures to make improvements, this has involved introducing a Scheme of learning that helps teachers follow a precise and well structured timetable of learning as well as offering appropriate challenge and progression for pupils as they move through the year groups. The scheme of learning selected for our schools is The White Rose Maths Scheme of learning and covers all expectations of the National Curriculum, ensuring a good level of Problem solving and reasoning too.

This was in fact introduced in the Spring term of the last academic year, however due to the pandemic and lockdown measures we have had no real indication of the impact of the scheme. I am delighted that both schools will be engaging in the schemes from Autumn 2020 and I am looking forward to seeing the pupils level of engagment and attainment in the subject rise.

The White Rose Scheme of learning also accommodates the recovery process to ensure learning has not been missed and regular opportunities for assessment so that teachers are able to monitor children’s success in Mathematics. There are opportunties for remote learning which will enable all pupils to continue learning effectively should they need to isolate at home at any point.

In addition to the regular classroom teaching of Mathematics, pupils will also continue to engage in the Tackling tables, set homework and interventions with their class teachers to help s close the gaps within Mathematics.

It is important for us to ensure Mathematics teaching and learning is strong and this will be regularly monitored by the Mathematics Subject Leader (Miss Pursglove) alongside the Headteacher (Mrs Zeil) and also by DEMAT who are offering guidance and support to help us raise attainiment in Mathematics going forward.