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Holy Cross Federation

Runcton Holme C of E Primary

Learning Together for Life

Our School Vision

Governors have decided on ten key values that they felt are important to the school.

These were: 

  • Celebration 
  • Inclusion
  • Belief
  • Learning
  • Challenge
  • Caring 
  • Inspiration 
  • Family
  • Respect 
  • Creativity 

The ten values were introduced and discussed in a series of assemblies and children voted for the five values which they felt that best represented the nature of their school. Parents then voted on the underpinning statements which they believe represent our School. These values are displayed in our school and frequently referred to in our day to day life. 
Our approach to this emphasises the traditions that Runcton Holme is built on, that by working together we can have a strong and positive partnership for everyone involved in the school. This encourages inclusion and teamwork within our environment. 

Runcton Holme choice:


 We all take care of one another - big children look out for the little ones. Our teachers know us really well.

  • Older and younger children work and play together.
  • Happy, caring and friendly.
  • Everyone is welcome.

 We have confidence in ourselves. We trust in God.

  • Being the best we can be.
  • Building self-esteem by pushing boundaries. 
  • Helping not judging. 

 We like to use our imagination; to sing, dance, paint, draw, play instruments, write stories, pretend to be other people and perform to audiences.

  • No idea is a bad idea - Daring to be different.
  • Art, Music and Dance.
  • Exploring.

 Learning together for life. We want to achieve well in our lessons; to learn something new everyday!

  • Dream for the future.
  • Opportunities for new experiences. 
  • Positive role models.

 If someone is sad, we ask them what is wrong and try to make them feel better.

  • Looking after our environment. 
  • Safe and secure.
  • Picking each other up when we fall.