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Purple Day & Mental Health Awareness Week

This year as part of Mental Health Awareness week from 18th to 22nd May 2020, we are inviting your child to take part in activities to help them learn about the importance of getting enough sleep and how it can help them feel better both physically and mentally.  This week will end with our annual Purple Day on 22nd May and we ask you all to share in this at home. The aim of this week is to raise awareness and recognise our efforts to promote wellbeing and positive mental health for all children, staff and families.

This year the theme is Sleep and aims to focus on how to improve our sleep routine and the importance of sleep for our mental health. The activities aim to teach mindfulness – allowing us to focus on ourselves and clear our mind of interrupting thoughts that may be disrupting our sleep pattern.

We plan to share a story with our children each day – a bedtime story to encourage a good sleep routine. You will be able to access a new story video each day on our school website. We have attached resources to learn about mental health and healthy sleep and encourage you to use these as part of your home learning this week.

On Friday, we ask you all to have a PJ day and think about the mental health of those in your family and in our community. If you could take some pictures of your learning or of you and your family celebrating Purple day in your pyjamas that would be fabulous, email them to Mrs Zeil at and she will showcase the learning that has taken place over the week. We hope this week will be great fun for everyone involved and a chance to learn the importance of Mental Health.